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Q's about Wax

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I got my car two months ago and will be waxing it for the first time soon. Any recomendations? No offense but I want to go with a store bought product. Maybe Eagle one or Mcguires. For those of you who use Mcguires gold class, I have not been able to find Gold class carnuba, is the gold class carnuba?
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Will I just did mine yesterday (then it rained and got road grime all over it):(

I could feel a lot of defects in the paint running my hand over the finish. Eagle 1 and Maguires both make a quick detail CLAY bar that work great.... Finish is as smooth as a babys butt...
Finished it off with Maguires gold class.... it looked great till I had to drive it in the first rain of the year.

Do a search on Zaino. Or check out:

Have Fun,
Randy R...
or if you're sold on Gold Class......
If you wnat to go with a store bought product go with any of 3M's products. They're all very good and it's what I use on my Bullitt!! :smile:
I vote for Zaino! People will tell you it's more difficult, I don't know what they mean.

Z.1 base coat 1 or 2 times per year. (Gets left on car under coat of Z.2)
Z.2 as often as you want (NO BUILDUP) -- no more difficult than any other wax, not hard to buff off.

I also wash with Z.7, and people swear by Z.6 (detailing spray), though I have not tried it yet.

After using it, I'd rather not "wax" (It's really not wax.) my car than use anything else.

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