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Quarter Panels?

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I just picked up a black bullit for 1500 bucks yesterday and its a little rough around the edges. The rear passenger quarter panel is rusted and needs replaced. My question is if all quarter panels from 99-04 are interchangeable. Would i be able to put a panel from a v6 or a GT on it, or would they not fit?

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I will let someone with an 01 answer your question but wanted to say WELCOME. WOW 1500 for a black Bullitt. If it still has some of the Bullitt specific parts, those are more that worth what you paid. Good deal.
It has some original parts except for the gauge cluster and shift knob which sucks, but the leather is in great shape it just needs a lot of cosmetic work done. I figured for 1500 I may as well get it lol.
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Quarters are all the same, from V6 to Cobra.
:D Welcome to IMBOC from Kentucky
Awesome. Post a pic of the car. quarters are the same but need to be cut off and welded on.
ill post a pic when i get it in presentable condition lol, shes a little rough around the edges right now.
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