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quarter panels

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I just picked up a black bullit for 1500 bucks yesterday and its a little rough around the edges. The rear passenger quarter panel is rusted and needs replaced. My question is if all quarter panels from 99-04 are interchangeable. Would i be able to put a panel from a v6 or a GT on it, or would they not fit?
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They are different. The apron that extends down into the door jamb is shorter and cleanly cut on the Bullitt and all of "Job 2". If you compare the two, you'll see the difference right away. The standard before and after Bullitt production is a much more ragged cut and apron that is spot welded on "haphazardly" (my word). The Bullitt was a "Job 2" car. For all the cars during that period, that apron had a nice clean cut of the metal and was shorter. Why? You ask. The Bullitt threshold was a shorter more eye appealing piece with the logo of the car. It wouldn't cover the ragged cut and welding. To compensate, and avoid mixing it up with standard coupe's, they made the cut different for that build. Afterwords, they reverted back to the longer, rougher trimming of the sheetmetal.
I go to some black bullitt ones for sale if you want them
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