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Racing a blown TA...

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Remember back in October, I posted about racing a TA LT1? Slightly modified from what I heard but get this...

It has a Vortech blower on it. LOL. The funny thing is that even with the blower, he really didn't pull hard on me. By 120, he was a bumper ahead of me.

LOL. Too funny. Had to share it with ya'll. :smile:
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He's supposed to be getting an 8 lb pulley soon. whatever that means. lol

My bestfriend has a 80 hatchback Capri. He'll show him what's up. :smile:
I dont'know if he was sick. He was doing some mean riceing scratches on the cruise. I wouldn't race him there because of the cop figures... something like 6 cops patrolling a 1 mile oval. Scary huh!?
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