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I have been doing some research into this area. You might want to check out this independent site that rates all radar detectors. While the Valentine 1 is one of the top 4 they list (third place) there are better detectors for less money. I am planning on getting the Escort Passport 8500.

P.S. Sorry for the duplicate info (same as post above) we posted the same info :smile: at the sime time. Great minds think alike #388!
Michael Logan
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The first thing I purchase after the Bullitt was a radar detector. This is the one I purchase. BEL 980 and the place I purchaed it ( )


BEL-980 Super Wide Band Radar/Laser/Safety Detector with Digital Voice and
Shadow Technology® II
Alerts for all Radar, Laser, SWS
Digital voice or audio alerts
High, low, fully adjustable mid-range audio level
Instant-On/Pulsed warning
Ultra bright text message display
Software upgradable to meet potential future radar changes ( my favorite point ) :smile:
Shadow Technology for immunity to VG-2 or any RDD
Bright, dark mode and fully adjustable dim modes
Tutorial mode
2 year warranty

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The best is Valentine One.
It is the only detector that see 4 different
It also tells you " HOW MANY".
It has saved me 4 or 5 tickets.
The normal radar detector goes off,
you could have 1,2,3 or more police.
It only goes off....
Valentine One only way to go..

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Radar Detectors? Bah. I just painted my black beauty in the radar-absorbing paint from the F-117A Stealth fighter. Sure it's acidic, and sure it's not as glossy, but I can go as fast as I want. :lol: Actually, I just have a CobraES8500 (i believe that's what it's called). Can't afford the superiority of Valentine.
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