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Raleigh NC

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My son is Flying home but is having to drive to the Raleigh NC airport Anything I should advise him of...Construction...Best way from the south? He will be driving from Jacksonville to Raleigh...Just thought I would ask My fellow Bullittheads for him...

Thanks for any help!
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I've done that drive and it is an easy but fairly boring drive. Mostly I-95.

You can look at the AAA site for updated construction - north of Jax and around the Brunswick area there is construction for sure.

Here is a tip.
He'll pass one of the great BBQ joints in the country.
Just east of the Santee,SC exit is Sweatmans BBQ. It is in Holly Hill/ Eautaville area and they que whole pigs and cut them up for a big buffett. Not to be missed.

However, they open only on Fri and Sat.

Hope he has a safe drive.
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