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Ready to hit the road

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This has been a crap week at work and I for one am ready to hit the road!

That is all.
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Thank you much sir. It would have been good to see you again this year! Emma has great stories to tell her friends about last years get together.
BULLITT3230 said:
Jeff, you and me both!
I just now signed off work....from week from hell trying to get stuff done and cared for....
been working late on work, and last minute HoonDog details, and working thru a dying wireless there be a WORSE time??? So much so, haven't even had time to detail 3230....but...I don't care...she's gonna get dirty on the road anyway...

And ya....I AM SO READY!!!
Packing up tonight, hitting the road in the morning meeting up with Chuck! WOOOT!

See you in Chicago!!!
I am planning on meeting you all Saturday in or near Springfield, IL. There was no way I was going toi get out of work on Friday.

And Chris,

I have a quart jar of Moonshine I will be sure to save a sip or two for you. ;) See you in Pacific and drive safe!

See most of you in Springfield and along the way boy.

Paul, All I can say is work sucks but if it were not for work we would not be getting to screw off like this for two weeks!!! Ah what the hell..... Work sucks!!!!

Midge. Does the wife know you are leaving her behind?
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DavidMidgley said:
@ Jeff: Yuppers! She knows, but isn't interested in LV:confused: , or leaving our brainiac son behind :rolleyes:. Besides, "her" trip is next month. She went to D.C. last week and left me behind, next month it's Native American Pow Wow in Chicago. I don't get out of that one though, as I and our son have been volunteered into doing things for the PowWow:redface: . :neutral: Hmmm.

The Chicago meeting is partly why I am not meeting the group in Chicago for this trip. I am also scheduled to go back a month later for hands on training. I'm not into that either as I am wanting to retire this January. What's the point of training me on a system that isn't going to be utilized until the middle of next year, maybe......:confused:That would be three trips to Chicago. Not doing but one, and only if I cannot get out of it. :lol:
What a good husband!

My wife is not coming along either she is doing her own trip in August with her sister to New York City. As I am not a fan of that place we both win! Yay!
jimbo020 said:
I cannot wait to get out of work and on the road! :hyper::toocool:
Drive safe, watch out for the nuts out there, and see you in a few days!
Well the car is all loaded up and ready to go! Ok Emma still needs to get her crap in there but other than that we are ready to roll out inthe morning.

Gonna miss you this year Greg! No Ghetto blaster beer for us! :)

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