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Ready to hit the road

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This has been a crap week at work and I for one am ready to hit the road!

That is all.
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I am still at work .....was going to leave tonight but that ain't happening..leaving Thursday morning...the joy of three 14 hour driving days in a row to get to pacific...and with my luck all the beer will be gone by the time I get there
I am out the door...hope to be in twin falls idaho tonight and see KFengler in Boise on my way there
Just got to twin fals Idaho.....had dinner with Karl fengler and his wife in Boise...was good times....rained 2hours through Seattle and a bit in the Oregon mountain is dirty...otherwise was sunny...killed a few bugs as well
Just got into limon Colorado for the night.....35 mph side winds most of the way through Wyoming...doing 80 made for 2 hours of white knuckle driving every time I passed a semi

Like I said in another post met up with Neile for lunch in Roy's great knowing bullitt heads from all over
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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