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Rear defroster

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Just curious, does anyone else have a rear defroster that's near useless?

It's the least effective of any car I've ever owned. Even when it's just fogged.
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Hmmm, mine works like a charm and windows get pretty foggy here in the Seattle area on a rainy day.

You might want to have it checked out.
#2276 works like a charm.

What are you doing to cause the defroster to work so hard? :grin: :grin: :grin:
No problem with mine, in fact, I think it is the most effective one that I've had in a vehicle. I would definitely have yours checked. :smile:

I have used mine several times, works great!
Works like a champ on #692.

You may need to take your Bullitt in and make sure the defroster is actually working.

Put your hand on the windows with the defroster on and see if the windows is warm to your touch. If it is not warn, take it in for service or check the fuse.
I haven't used mine yet and more than likely will never use it. The car stays in the garage during the week and I avoid taking it out in the rain. We only have a couple of cold days per year so I won't need it for that. In fact as I sit here writing this I can't even remember where the switch for it is. Oh well, I guess I need to go study on that.
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