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rear end problems!!!

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took dhg #5320 into dealer today to check wind noise and "clunking" noise when shifting gears at low speeds. they told me the noise was slack in the ring gear and pinion. they told me these parts were not in stock and they plan to replace these parts as soon they arrive (service guy told me they should be in within 24 hrs.)has anyone else had a similar problem? this is the same dealer that put in 5w/30 oil and told me not to worry. to their credit they did give me a written and signed letter to that effect(after i asked for it). i hate taking my bullitt to the dealer. hopefully this will correct my "clunking" problem. i want my car back and i want it right!
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Count your blessings that they are doing something about it. Most dealers would tell you what you are experiencing is normal or that they could not replicate the problem. See if you can get them to put 3.73s or 4.10s if you pay for parts. As for the 5W30 that's no problem. 5W20 is recommended in the manual...not required. Many Bullittheads are using 5W30 synthetic (including me).

hmmm every mustang i've ever driven clunked when shifting. mine does it occasionally at low speeds. but i'm more interested in this damn tapping sound i'm getting when cold.
I'm getting terrible gear noise that I think is coming from the drivetrain. Could be a combination of the transmission and differential. I need to look into this.

I think every bullitt owner has a degree of clunking in their tranny. There IS a lot of slack in this driveline. Sure it sounds like crap, but I don't think there is a fix other than an entirely different driveline. Might want to try an alum. driveshaft...heard that owners that got that noticed a reduction in clunking.
got my bullitt back today. clunking problem is very very much improved. dealer supplied a loaner for me to drive while they had my bullitt. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i love this car!!
When I read the subject I took that a totally different place. Be relieved that the rearend problems are on your car and not on you :smile:
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On 2001-12-04 22:30, fixer wrote:
hmmm every mustang i've ever driven clunked when shifting. mine does it occasionally at low speeds. but i'm more interested in this damn tapping sound i'm getting when cold.


i'm not sure of what your experiencing but from my experience from mechanical/ lubrication, i'd like to suggest a couple of things about your tapping sound when cold.

1st, filter.. most people don't know this, but if say you start your engine and the engine taps but shortly goes away, this is due to the lack of oil on your top end during start up and once the oil pump produces suffient oil pressure it quites down. the reason for this, get this, most mechanics beleive lifters collapsing or oil pump is weak, but in reality, there is an antidrain back valve in your oil filter. buy changing to a different brand of filter you sometimes will resolve this. studies have shown that frams are one of the worst for this problem.

now if you engine is slightly tapping during cold start up and maintains that till it warms up, my thoughts is a different oil might be in order. here is how that works, some oils are low quality base stocks and can shear real easy. this is when an oil's base stock is squeezed out between to high pressure or shear zone thus leaving virtually no lubrication to protect your reason is once warmed up the viscosity improvers "thicken" the oil to a 20 or 30wt (which ever you have) thus damping the noise a little better. in a good quality lubricant, you also have an additive designed for this called a barrier lubricant that will keep momentary shearing down to a minimal. in some cases synth oils tend to be a little more prone to allow this to happen since synths flow easier than mineral oils. what you have to do is determin what type of oil your using and make adjustments, so if your useing a synth try a good grade mineral, and if mineral, consider higher grade or synth.

these are just some ideas on the tapping problem i am hearing you guys have. consider this also. for those of you that jackrabbit starts and stops, your shearing your oil and that causes excessive wear. case in point,
little lady from texas never hammers it, car runs forever, take same car put young guy who jackrabbits from light to light, car won't last. this is due to the shearing of the oil. i cover that on my site. look under states of lubrication to learn more on that.

as for rearends, again, barrier lubricants can make a difference in how much protection you have when you shear the oil out between the pinion and ring gear which i can assure you happens all the time thus the wear and noise.

let me also say that synth's are not the answer to all these problems. depending on your situation, sometimes a good group III blend might be in order.

hope this helps and also gives you some where else to look.

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Good info Bob. I agree, Fram went to s#*t a few years back. I’ve been using only Motocraft oil filters and 5W-20 Valvoline AC for oil. So far I’ve had no strange noises from the engine.
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