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Rear Upper Control Arms Discontinued

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Apparently the OEM rear upper control arms for FOX and SN95 Mustang axles are no longer available. Anybody know if this is permanent situation or know of an alternative solution when these need to be replaced (other than torque arm)? The axle-side bushings for the rear uppers are still available.

I know that aftermarket uppers are available from various suppliers but from what I've read our stock suspensions need those rubber bushings to twist and flex or else you're going to rip the torque box out of the floor pan. So unless you have a straight line drag car sticking to the stock uppers are a must.
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best bet is to just replace your bushings if you want to keep the upper control arms. I would suggest that when you have them removed, have them boxed in by welding a plate on the open section. Ford Racing used to make a set like that. If you can find any anywhere that is the best solution to keeping a stock like system. you can always buy a used set, make the changes to them so you have them ready to go when you change them out.
just ordered these today as I have a set of the ford racing ones to go in the snake.
no doubt it would help. not sure which wears faster, if I had to guess, I would say the axle side. the set of used ones I got, the bushings looked good still. Ed on here has them on his car now after I had them boxed.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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