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Reckless Driving Laws by State!

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Hey fellow law breakers...

After reading a few posts on speeding tickets I decided to take a look on the web and find out just how bad I would get popped if pulled over for racing 5508!

Thought you all might be interested...check it out!
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That is some good info!
Good link there! After going to the New Jersey points violation page its seems that everything you do while driving in NJ is illegal. Think I might have to take one of the ponies out of my Bullitt and start riding that. However, I'll probably get a ticket for the pony shi**in on the highway. Wish we had an Autobahn in NJ. I'd love to really crank up the Bullitt without fear of John Law pis**in on my parade!
Here's a speed trap link I noticed while checking out the reckless driving link:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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