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Redline D4 ATF works well. I had it installed yesterday; cold shifts from 1-2 are now pretty much notch free (The T-56 in my C5 had similar results). The replacement transmission in the Bullitt never crunched, but it was still notchy. The D4 ATF also appears to have quieted the transmission. Not much in pure gear whine noise in 3rd, but more of an overal white noise dB reduction. Must be due to reduced friction (friction makes bubbles, which make additional sound?).

2-1 downshifts are still lightly crunchy, even after the D4 ATF. This is only with 1-5 mile an hour downshifts; higher speeds don't seem to crunch.

I did not put Prolong/Duralube or any other additive in the transmission. Still looking for 3rd party evidence that they have any measureable positive benefit. I searched the internet and all I could find were testimonials and anecdotal information, and no scientific explanation as to how the products worked (a patent number would be useful; it could be looked up at the USPTO).

I emailed Redline to find out what type of Redline oil they recommend for the rear end. They specified 75w/140 (contains a friction modifier). Has anyone tried this yet? My goal is improved efficiency and added durability.

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