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I had some time to kill so I was playing around with the list, check it out. I thought it would be cool to see the state and provinces grouped together.

Bullitt Color States City
2604 DHG ?  
2610 DHG ?  
2936 Black ?  
1480 Black AB Edmonton Canada
1718 DHG AB Calgary Alberta
1737 DHG AB Edmonton, Canada
60 DHG AL Tuscaloosa AL
1253 DHG AL Eutaw AL
2333 TB AL Birmingham AL
2981 DHG AL AL
443 DHG AR Mountain View AR
1048 DHG AR Conway AR
2646 Black AZ Phoenix AZ
3651 Black AZ Phoenix AZ
5578 Black AZ Tucson AZ
586 DHG BC Abbotsford,Canada
1706 Black BC BC Canada
140 Black CA Sherman Oaks CA
208 DHG CA San Jose CA
227 Black CA Windsor CA
915 TB CA Rosemead CA
1409 Black CA Azusa CA
1785 DHG CA Hanford CA
2109 Black CA Sacramento CA
2127 TB CA San Diego CA
2345 TB CA Los Angeles CA
2512 Black CA CA
3062 TB CA Fremont CA
3433 Black CA Glendale CA
3946 DHG CA San Francisco CA
4069 Black CA San Diego CA
4256 Black CA Ventura CA
4660 TB CA Irvine CA
2532 Black CO Pine CO
5257 DHG CO Fort Collins CO
177 DHG FL Miami FL
365 DHG FL Rockledge FL
1035 DHG FL Gainesville FL
1160 DHG FL West Palm Bch. FL
1269 DHG FL West Palm Beach FL
2943 TB FL miami FL
3298 Black FL Miami FL
3309 DHG FL Tampa FL
3457 DHG FL Orlando FL
4165 TB FL Tamarac FL
5127 DHG FL Orlando FL
5491 TB FL Jacksonville FL
81 DHG GA Statesboro GA
172 DHG GA Dacula GA
353 DHG GA Martinez GA
382 DHG GA brunswick GA
1103 DHG GA Conyers GA
3401 DHG GA Conyers GA
4584 Black GA Dawsonville GA
5026 DHG GA hampton GA
5082 DHG HI Honolulu HI
1879 Black IA Coralville IA
2050 DHG ID Meridian ID
171 DHG IL Chicago Heights IL
564 DHG IL West Chicago IL
689 DHG IL Springfield IL
702 DHG IL Marshall IL
2571 DHG IL Naperville IL
3185 Black IL Jerseyville IL
995 DHG IN San Pierre IN
2816 Black IN Schererville IN
4761 Black IN Plainfield IN
4883 Black IN Greenwood IN
3046 DHG KS Topeka KS
5572 TB KS Overland Park KS
768 DHG KY Louisville KY
2325 DHG KY Lexington KY
100 Black LA Woodworth LA
220 DHG MA Holden MA
4078 DHG MA Pittsfield MA
4995 Black MA Boston MA
571 DHG MAN Brandon ,Can.
1829 DHG MAN Winnipeg, Canada
1554 DHG MD Bowie MD
2455 Black MD MD
5286 DHG MD Millersville MD
2580 DHG MI Roseville MI
2703 Black MI Waterford MI
4003 DHG MI Livonia MI
4406 DHG MI hillsdale MI
5291 DHG MI Flat Rock MI
5481 TB MI canton MI
648 DHG MO St. Louis MO
677 DHG MO Sunrise Beach MO
2551 DHG MO St. Louis MO
4237 Black MO St. Peters MO
4785 Black MO St. Louis MO
4875 Black MO Mountain View MO
5072 Black MO St. Louis MO
5581 Black MT Havre MT
1340 DHG NC Brevard NC
3209 Black NC Arapahoe NC
4601 DHG NC Clemmons NC
4915 Black NC Raleigh NC
4916 Black NC Matthews NC
4030 DHG NE Omaha NE
792 DHG NJ Iselin NJ
2107 DHG NJ Bridgewater NJ
2799 DHG NJ manalapan NJ
3962 DHG NJ Hopewell Twp. NJ
5343 DHG NM Albuquerque NM
5508 Black NM Rio Rancho NM
1720 Black NS Yarmouth NS,
169 DHG NV Mesquite NV
1053 DHG NV Mesquite NV
1710 DHG NY Liverpool NY
1725 DHG NY West Islip NY
1748 DHG NY Fairport NY
4120 DHG NY Uniondale NY
4435 Black NY nanuet NY
136 Black OH Twinsburg OH
1343 DHG OH Mt. Blanchard OH
2313 DHG OH Elmore OH
3875 DHG OH Cincinnati OH
4204 DHG OH Cincinnati OH
717 DHG OK Oklahoma City OK
1164 DHG OK Oklahoma City OK
1379 DHG ON Richmond Hill Ontario,
1415 TB ON Hanover Ontario
1446 Black ON ottawa Ontario Canada
1521 DHG ON Pickering Ontario,
1896 TB ON Toronto Canada
2326 DHG ON Windsor Ontario
2754 Black ON LaSalle Ont Canada
2766 DHG ON Windsor Ontario,
3817 DHG ON Waterloo Ontario,
3980 DHG ON Hamilton Ontario,
3758 DHG OR Coquille OR
5338 DHG OR Portland OR
910 DHG PA Williamsport PA
2075 DHG PA Philadelphia PA
2759 DHG PA Folsom PA
3545 Black PA Allentown,PA - Providence,RI
4130 DHG PA Pittsburgh PA
5309 DHG PA Kittanning PA
1462 DHG QC Rosemere, Quebec
1758 Black QC iberville quebec
4723 Black RI Pawtucket RI
837 Black SC Little River SC
2250 Black SC Greenville SC
1158 Black TN Memphis TN
3618 DHG TN Memphis TN
3748 TB TN Memphis TN
3771 DHG TN Hickory Withe TN
4865 DHG TN Memphis TN
41 DHG TX Amarillo TX
161 Black TX Houston TX
397 DHG TX Lubbock TX
399 Black TX Palestine TX
428 DHG TX Austin TX
457 DHG TX Flower Mound TX
621 DHG TX Cedar Hill TX
845 DHG TX Rowlett (Dallas) TX
1256 DHG TX Pipe Creek TX
2180 TB TX Sherman TX
2395 Black TX TX
2427 DHG TX Crowley TX
2713 DHG TX Mesquite TX
2999 TB TX Plano TX
3175 DHG TX Dallas TX
3207 Black TX Dallas TX
3351 Black TX DFW area TX
3357 DHG TX Pearland TX
3359 Black TX Coppell TX
3553 Black TX Joaquin TX
3615 Black TX Richardson TX
3721 DHG TX Houston TX
3729 DHG TX Fort Worth TX
3855 Black TX lewisville TX
4137 DHG TX Flower Mound TX
4819 DHG TX Bryan TX
5111 DHG TX Euless TX
1004 DHG UT Salt Lake City UT
1611 DHG UT Salt lake city UT
1007 DHG VA Virginia Beach VA
2321 DHG VA Jeffersonton VA
2404 DHG VA Virginia Beach VA
2939 DHG VA Williamsburg VA
344 DHG WA Spokane WA
1547 TB WA Arlington WA
4366 DHG WA Monroe WA
1550 DHG WI Greenfield WI
1862 DHG WI Janesville WI
2288 DHG WI Stevens Point WI
2789 DHG WI Sun Prairie WI
2832 DHG WI Blue Mounds WI
4961 DHG WI Sun Prairie WI
4901 DHG WV Vienna WV

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Very cool, Being the only one with a Bullitt in your area talk about rare. In Toronto there are definitely more Bullitts than the registry shows. Considering it's winter here, and we just got blasted big time, I'm surprised to see other Bullitts on the road. I have to admit the winter tires and traction control make it exremely easy to drive in snow/ice. The only problem is the other drivers, I don't want to be one of the Bullitt casualties and there just seems to be to many, every time I read about a Bullitt being hit, I can feel all the way over here in Richmond Hill.

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Hey MustangMan, that is a great idea, I've been curious about how many Bullitts were sold in Georgia, but that is very hard to find out. What registry did you pull this list from, though? Is there another one other than the one above Private Messages? The reason I'm asking is that there are 8 members of our Georgia Bullitt Club who are in the registry, but don't show up on your list.

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That's cool, I also like the new look, but they don't sync up. There are still numerous ones that appear on the original registry, that don't appear on this one, and that's just for the state of Georgia. It's great to have the new format, but the data needs to be the same. :smile:

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I don't know who created the new registry, but hopefully they will see this and make sure it's updated. We only need one registry and I definitely think we should go with that one. We just have to make sure everyone knows about it.

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MustangMan, Not sure what registry you used also, but you missed all three of us in Anaheim, CA. I thought I added my name to all of the lists floating around this board, but it's possible I missed one.

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If you scroll up the messages you can see the shortcut.
I got this from a list CHUD created at Forum "Bullittproof" the topic is "I like the look of the new registry" I urge everybody to check and register there name if it's not already, we have to get it updated. check it out.

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Another California Bullitt missing from you list.

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You have to go to the shotcut and update your info. It's not my list I just took CHUD's list and sorted it. It seems we all want to be able to see how many Bullitt's are in our area. Check the attachment out in this topic, click on it and update your info. Hopefully this will get back to chud and he can update from the official list.

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Hey Chud, we appreciate you doing this, but the number is not correct though. 8 of our club members are not in your list, but are in the original registry. Is there a way to sync them up? :smile:
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