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Repair CD -- Picked one up, you should too!

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I've been very happy with mine. It came in the mail yesterday. It's got part numbers, specifications (wasn't someone asking what the stock cam grind was), wiring diagrams, diagnostic/repair procedures, etc. For someone like me with only basic mechanics skills, I'd probably still pair it with a Haynes or other manual, but definitely a wealth of info on this CD.

However, in my very quick browse I didn't find anythng Bullitt-specific. This could mean I wasn't looking for things in the right way or it might mean we would have to be careful trusting some of the part numbers. At any rate, I'm happier with it than I thought I would be.


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I recieved mine yesterday also. I havent seen anything Bullitt specific yet either. If I stick to the 4.6L 2V diagrams I should be okay. Great CD though.
Does it give all the engine bolt torque values,and specifically the intake tightening diagram?
Got mine about a week ago, and I'm sure it'll come in handy down the road. For $16.00, you can't go wrong. (I don't even want to ask how he can sell the CD for $16...I have my suspicions though)

Well, apparently there are none left on eBay, and I'll be damned if I'll pay $500 bucks retail.
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I believe I did see some torque numbers. However, I have only scimmed a few sections so far.

It looks like a bootleg copy. Mine doesnt look anything like the picture advertised. Probably how he can afford the $16 sale. Actually, I'm not sure what to do with it now. If Ford or whoever holds the copyrights finds out about it...hmmm.
There's more on there, search for 2001 under manuals and there there.
I'd like to get a copy. I don't care if it's bootleg. And for all of you guys who think this is cheating Ford...cry me a river :grin: I have paid Ford handsomely for many things.

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got mine weeks ago and it still sealed in the package. There was something in there that said Bullitt on it but I forget where it was now. I was glad to just see that one reference. They could have done a lot better job on the interface. like a search engine HELLO. Oh well it is made to be part a largerpackage so maybe it would work better if you were looking at it that way.
I agree, these are a great deal. There seem to be several "vendors" on Ebay. One in particular seems to be perpetual and has a disclaimer: item may not be as shown. Can you say 'CD burner'?

I picked up one that *was* original with all of the FordMoCo printing for $16.00 including shipping.

Seems to have torque values for most every nut and bolt on the car. But quite weak in specifications and I don't recall seeing any service limits either. For basic remove-and-replace operations it seems to cover it all.
Can someone tell me what this cd is? Is it something about the car? I would appreciate any info anyone could give me.

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It's the 2001 model year factory shop manual, for all ford vehicles, on CD.

It's worth having, but not necessarily worth spending alot on.

Ditto 01GTB I would like to borrow a copy as well.I will return it to you as soon as I am finished with it. :-B

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Yes, I would also like to borrow a copy, to be returned ASAP, I need to look up spark plug torque :-B
Got mine today and am going through it. Appears to be a lot of info. Can't beat the price. Just hope he does'nt get nabbed...
Got mine too a few days ago. Looks like it will come in handy.
How about burning us all a copy. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for that.
Can someone burn me a copy, I'll pay!

I'll pay for a burned copy as well!
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