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Just recently, I took black Bullitt #140 (purchased in May, approximately 4500 miles) in for some basic maintenance and warranty service. I had an appointment with a service rep recommended by my salesman. All of my first impressions of him and the service department were good ones.

I went to the dealer with a laundry list of items I had written down for attention. The following will detail that which I noticed and the response received:

1. Rattling noise when driving over bumps coming from the upper center console, near the vents. Service department dismantled the console and fortified it. Problem eliminated.

2. Metallic rattling in engine compartment around fire wall under hard acceleration. The tech examined the area, made some minor adjustments. Problem eliminated.

3. Clunky tranny. Many people know about this one. The tech torqued down all the bolts. This completely changed the shifiting characterisitics of the car. It both sounds and feels better. My service rep said that "the guy who put your transmission on at the plant must have been stoned." Whatever happened, it's fixed now. Problem eliminated.

4. Chip in paint under hood scoop. I expected the dealer to throw some touch up paint on there and wipe their hands of it. Service Rep said I would not be happy with that, insisted on repainting the entire hood using the body shop that does work for their Jaguars. The results were better than new. Problem eliminated.

During this whole process, I received a free loaner (although it was a POS escort, but beggars can't be choosers) and regular calls from my rep. The only really bad experience was being without my baby for almost 6 days. Anyway, just thought I would give an account of a good experience with a service department. I definitely recommend Richard Marovitz of Galpin Ford to anyone in the LA area.

Black Bullitt #140

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