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I was cruising down the Barbie isle at
Johnny's Toys and noticed a Revell '68 GT
model with Steve McQ figure next to Pilot
Barbie...WHAT? I grab the Revell box
and scramble to the diecast section to find the
'68 Charger with figures! SCORE! I get home
and check these bad boys out and find
definite differences in these cars and the
Revell 1/25 scale models that you have to
assemble. (I have these and they don't come
with figures)

1.The models w/ figures are already built.

2.The models w/ figures have painted engine

3.The '68 Charger w/ figures has white wall
tires like the Charger in the movie. The
Charger in the kit w/o figures has black

4.The models w/ figures have a clear
plastic tray that they sit in in the box.
This tray holds them in place nicely on the
rear deck carpeting of my Bullitt. Tested
it today.

The price of the models with figures was the
same as the models w/o figures, about $15.

I put velcro on Steve McQ, holds him nicely
to the rear deck carpet. (he stands outside
the car) The "assassins" are inside the
Charger. These figures are nicely painted
and the McQ figure looks like McQ. The McQ
figure is somewhat fragile...I accidentally
broke his right hand off. It glues back on

I am going to take the models w/o figures
and display them on my "Bullitt Wall" in
the garage.

DHG #3875

BULLITT chase scene recreated on rear dash
with Revell 1/25 scale 68 GT 390 Fastback and
68 Charger R/T metal body models. "Steve McQ"
and "Assassins" action figures complete the

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BTW: My "yeah baby" comment was because Steve McQueen was next to Pilot Barbie. :wink:

She's a hottie. :lol:

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She was a mega hottie...kinda threw me though
that the Revell kit was there with the
Barbies. Probably some poor Bullitthead had
it in the cart, wife notices Revell kit,
Says to Bullitthead "You already have enough
Bullittstuff!!! You can't buy it!!!"
Wife throws it on the shelf with Pilot Barbie. Bullitthead crys. :lol:

I can picture it clearly.
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