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Review you may not have read

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I thought I had read them all... don't remember seeing this one. Interesting...
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So where's the 2nd serial No.? I know of the one inside the hood by the left housing of the front left shock. (if that's the appropriate tech name for it). I bought the car used so no dealer told me where the 2nd serial # was located. I guess if it's that secret, can anyone reply via a private message?

Cheers and Beers!
Look under the rear seat under the carpet. Also, search this site as I believe some have confirmed this location.
I think I remember someone saying something about it being behind the seat and something to do with carpet, mine is in storage so I have not been able to check it out
I haven't seen that one before - good article - that stuff about the paint is B.S. though.
Calling Donwil....My wife and I moved back to Houston from Austin about 2 yrs ago. What I wanted to say though, keep your eyes peeled for the DHG312 in Buda. My best friends lady lives there. I've driven through many of times, twice I sneezed and missed the scenery, but you know how that goes! Talk to you soon, hope to see you sometime as well!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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