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Rice A Roni

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Just saw this post.

Yikes!! Aren't you glad you got a Bullitt?

Details at
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I like the way it looks, a good cross of the old boss with the new stangs. The front looks mean coming at ya. I hope Ford does the Boss specialty, whether it looks like the drawing or not. If would be good for the mustang community, as well as Ford's pockets, that will be getting fatter with the dismisal of the F-body.
That looks pretty horrible!
Kinda looks like a Hot Wheels car. Don't like it too much, but I do hope that Ford brings back the Boss.
That looks like a toyota. I am sooooo happy I got my BULLITT.
I am so glad I got the Bullitt!!!
Ugh! It might not be such a bad design, but the drawing makes it look fugly, that's for sure! Why the (recent?) trend that if a car is to be bad-ass, it must have a rim/tire/suspension combo that looks like it would cause rubber to sheetmetal and/or sheetmetal to asphalt contact going over anything with more contours than a drag strip?

Mebbe I'm just getting old (hope not at 30), but I see 20" and larger rims as nothing but a way to ensure you pay through the nose for tires (and have heavier wheels), and a suspension lowered to the point where it affects driving habits seems equally ridiculous. The concept drawing doesn't actually sit that low, it's just the ridiculously oversized tire/wheel combo that got me to thinking about drawings and concept cars everywhere...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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