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Ride for Pride 2006

357 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  Bullitt_5427 is having its 5th Annual Ride for Pride September 9th. Every year since 9-11 they have compiled lists of people from all over the states to meet and drive on the belt way around DC and end up at the Pentagon for food, fellowship, and rememberance. It's only limited to "American Muscle", which won't be a problem. I know it's a little early for September, but they are trying to get things setup as far as who is coming and where everyone is going to meet. You can get on their web page and view the video section to see past Ride for Pride vids. It will be a great experience. Here is a link to all the information. I can be the point of contact for those that are interested in going. I'll be heading up to the meeting spot with the guys from modmustangs.
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Ready for Spet.

That sounds great. Keep us posted I am in.
Cool I'll let them know. All the information is in the "link". Be sure to have a full tank, too. It's about 80 miles that they drive on the beltway before they go to the Pentagon. I believe they drive about 50mph just to keep everyone together, but don't quote me.
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