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This will be long but hopefully helpful especially if it applies to you. So if any of these are problems that you have read on, if not give thanks. (Oh the UFO experience was posted by Bullitt 3230 in this section). Since purchase I had a what I would describe as a rough idle which was further evident on the tach readout. My RPMs would settle at about 700 then drop to 650 and occasionally bounce between those to. Sounded like either a small mis-fire or a more aggresive cam profile. Also on several occassions I found that after running my car under normal conditions or "spirited" driving that once I shut it down it was hard to start up again if I tried right away. After trying various octanes from the same service station nothing seemed to change. After adding my PHP chip still there but the RPM drop wasn't as frequent. I took the car to the service center but no codes were found. Then I had the "UFO" experience as described by Bullitt 3230 in addition to the other problems and finally a service engine soon light. Took it back to the service center after doing some research and had the guy run a complete diagnostic which included:
Vacuum/Manifold/Exhaust leak check
Compression test
O2 sensor check
Spark Plug check
Coil Pack check
Injectors and injector harness check
ECR valve check
Idle air control valve check
Idle air by-pass check
MAF sensor check, correct part number
Canister purge solenoid check
Clean throttle body
Throttle control sensor check

All items above were normal/good condition I personally saw my plugs and they all were fine and the same color. After another diagnostic scan still no codes were found even though the service engine soon light was still on. Also, the service guy agreed that I had misfire, spark knock, and detonation. The culprit turns out to be the computer itself. Good news it's being replaced under warranty, bad news with my old defective computer I was making approximately 270 RWHP and over 300 RWTQ with an extended HP power curve with my mods and the PHP chip. I hope the new computer will give as good if not better results. Suggest all of you with the above problems have the car systematically checked out to rule out the problems if all is fine I suggest getting a re-flash or new computer. Arthur

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Thanks for the update. I was a little irritated that Wade Ford seemed to just gloss over my concerns since they "couldn't replicate the problem". While the Mother ship has not been hovering since, I do experience intermittent 'misses' at various RPM's, and occasionally will get knocking above 3000 under load. Have also tried various grades gas, 89 cured it...but I don't like that cure. Sounds like my computer may be burping too...gads...I hate the dealer touching my baby.
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