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Roush Shifter Kit for 01 Bullitt

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Summitt Racing has the Roush kit for sale at $225.00, includes shifter, arm, boot and knob...looks cool in the pics, but does anyone have any experience with this?
Also, if not this one, who makes the best and the quietest short throw shifter?
I've been told MGW is the quietest...and that is a big consideration for me.
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Link to the Roush one please.

Yeah I'm feeling kinda lazy today. :lol:
Roush shifter

The Summitt ad says the shifter base is included....
now I'm confused.
I have a Roush that is an exact replica of the Steeda TriAx. A little noisy but I only used RTV to seal instead of one of the thick urethane gaskets you can buy. Great shifter.

I have not used an MGW but most everyone seems to think they are the best in the '01's. I bought my Rosuh for $100 brand new so its good enough. I don't mind a little noise.
Tailgunner said:
The Summitt ad says the shifter base is included....
now I'm confused.
Looks like the shifter base is another $95.

Your price looks like a deal.
Mid Life Crisis #388 said:
Hey Charles are you using the Roush handle?
No it came with the TriAx handle. The box it came in and the body on the shifter are stamped with Roush though.
I'm partial to Pro50. However, MGW is the quietest. As it ages, it loosens up a little. My wife's GT has a Steeda Tri-Ax, and it is considerably louder than mine is.

I bought my Pro50 for $100 new during the time that MGW was only able to accept MGW handles and knobs. Now that it can take any handle stalk, when I rebuild the tranny I may take the dive and get an MGW.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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