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Roushcharger install

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Started the Roushcharger install today on the wife's 2006 Roush-

If all goes well this maybe a warm up for the Bullitt :)




Hopefully I'll have enought time next weekend to finish it up-

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The tunes arrived today and I got her fired up - the exhaust does sound awesome- the headers are mated to MRT catted h-pipe and Roush off road mufflers, now I believe it was all worth the effort. When I lite it off tonight the tone was totally different then before, really deep tones- I love it !!!

Really looking forward to the test drive, that is when the weather drys out-
There's a chance of snow tonight down to 1,000 ft !!

it will be sunny all weekend....
chrisW said:
it will be sunny all weekend....
I know, I sure wish we could bring it up to Kirkland on Saturday :(

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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