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Hey there Eric sorry for the delay but I have been bogged down with stuff lately. As for your LT questions:

"I am wondering if you have found any down side. Have you had check engine light problems?"
Yes, but only because the Autologic chip the Powertrain tuner burned did not work.

"Did the mil-elims work or did you have to have the chip burned to trick the computer?"
The mil-elims do work at stopping the check engine light from coming on however, according to a very good source, Paul Svinicki, the mil-elims actually hurt performance so you are better advised to get a custom burned chip with off road exhaust.

"My X-pipe didn't do anything for the power and I'm still not sure about the sound. Do you have any complaints about this mod after having lived with it?"
No complaints at all. In fact I am more and more amazed by this car. I had it dyno'd here in England on the 26th at 5000 miles and I pulled 282 RWHP!!!! I don't know the difference between the measurements of a Dynojet vs a Sun but that's all I have to work with for now. I'll go back again with my new chip from PHP once I get this cylinder #1 misfire sorted out.

"BTW- I met a guy Kevin(Roush2k) who mentioned he had met you once. He lives like two blocks from me and has a Beautiful 2001 Blue Convertible Stage III Roush. He is a really nice guy. He said the same about you."
Tell Kevin I said hello and that I'll be sending him pics of the newly rebuilt Roush (dyno'd 380 rwhp) to once I get my computer up and running at home
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