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Rust protection...

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When I bought the Bullitt, I decided against any sort of rust protection, undercoating, etc. with the thought that I'd keep the car out of the winter salt. Consumer Reports also once mentioned to avoid all of those add-ons because they usually aren't worth it. This winter, the car is stored away. But I'm not sure I'm going to have a "winter beater" next year...

One thing the dealership told me was that they need to put on any rustproofing within a month or so of purchase. Is this really true or were they just trying to get extra business? If it's not true, I'd consider having the car rustproofed this coming summer (Simonize?)... Any advice?
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In my neck of the woods, I wouldn't touch a car without some form of rust protection. Not only because the roads are saltier than MacDonalds fries, but there's a load of salt in the air just living close to the ocean.

Case in point, our last house was about 1 mile from the ocean, and the salt in the moist air was enough to form rust on my hog after being left out for only one week. Since we moved inland 30 miles, the bike sat out for over a month and- surprise- no rust whatsoever. So it's not just the road debris that chews up cars, but what's in the air as well.

Maybe someone can clear this point up tho- does current rustproofing give any sound insulation like the older graphite or wax undercoatings? My car was undercoated before I drove it, so I wouldn't notice any difference anyway - and like many of my fellow bullitheads, I usually drive with the windows down!
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