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San Diego Bullitt Sightings

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Was on my way home tonight on the 5 frwy, about 6:30, and saw an '08 DHG coming off the 56 bypass going North, and exited Del Mar Heights Rd. Tried to wave but the driver was a straight ahead type. I was driving my Xterra.

Last week I saw an '08 DHG Bullitt in Carlsbad/Vista just off Palomar Airport Rd on Business Park Dr.

Hola Amigos!
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My son saw a Bullitt at our High School parking lot today.I hope it didn't belong to some snotty rich kid.Oh yeah,it's here in east San Diego.
Hwy 52 East

It seems like every friday. I see the same 08 HG heading east bound on Highway 52 around 0630 ish
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I work over in Carlsbad off of El camino and Faraday... could of been me.
About a week or so ago, I spotted an 2008/2009 HG Bullitt on Camp Pendleton going north on Basilone past Camp Horno. It may have had a blue (Officer) sticker on the windshield but I am not sure. Any body here fit that description. Just curious, I work in Camp Horno.
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