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I wake up at 6 in the morning because I'm nervous that I'd wake up late. I get online and chat with some folks, chillen and just tryin to relax. Finally, 9 o'clock comes around and I make my trip to Houston. Didn't think it would take an hour to get from the end of I-45 to the otherside of West Houston. But I got there and talked to a guy that had a 93 Mustang Cobra. He was nice and did a 8.97 at the track. We talked for a bit then he left with his group, Mustang Club of Houston. Then, finally, my group shows up. We talk sh*t and wait for the whole party to show up. Finally, around 12ish, we head out to Sealy and my destiny.
Pretty much, we were racing each other up there. It was Me vs. a Saleen vs. a Mark VIII. A 98 GT tried to come up and mess around but we knew we'd school him so he backed off. Finally, after a 10 minute drive, we get there.
We sign in, tech in, and do our runs...

Run 1:
9.38... moderate run. My reaction times were all off. My best was an .8.
After run 1, I let my car cool off for 30 minutes. Then I go for the second time run.
Run 2:
a horrible 9.58. I was totally disappointed.
I talked to Black sunshine and he let his wife drive the car. She did pretty good with some 9.4s
The racing starts and I get hooked up next to an old fox body stang. I forget to look at my light and when it hits green, I was slow on the reaction but caught him by surprise as I blasted to a 9.105 run. That dropped me into the 13 second bracket finally! But I broke out of my 9.2 dial in. Oh well, there is consolation runs.
Run 4:
My car had been chillen for over an hour. The weather was cooler and I was pumped up for my 9.0X runs.I stage then have a bad launch. I ended the night with a 9.18 run... I was sooooo disappointed... But hey! I did my sub 9.12 run. :smile:

Thanks guys for all your support!

Part II is in "Bullitt Tales"
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