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I saw a black Bullitt at the boat store off 35 in Lewisville, its the one with the spoiler but since I have not met the person I am not sure who belongs to it. I also down the road on 407 saw a true blue GT with no spoiler in a oil change place, but I am not sure it was a Bullitt...I think it had a chrome corral around the pony but I did not see it that well. Anyone wanna fess up as to being caught by me on the town. I would have stopped at Phill Dill boats to see the black one but I had to be someplace and could not stop...maybe next time. (BTW, I used to word for Frank Pillsbury Sea Ray when I was in high school and college and I know lots of Bayliner jokes for whoever bought one :smile:

Cya, Merc 50

Bullitt 457
50 Merc
32 Ford

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