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Seat Covers

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Does anyone know if there are any nice seat covers for the driver and passenger seats for the Bullitt? The driver side seat is already showing a slight wear. My father wants to get seat covers, and I agree they need them to preserve those nice leather seats. I haven't looked anywhere to see if they exist, but I am sure someone here will know of seat covers that will work nicely in the Bullitt. Let me know. Thanks!

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I have cotton seat covers from the Sheepskin
Experts. It is not a custom cover but does
the job. They do however have custom sheep-
skin covers ranging from $200 to $420 a pair.
The phone number is 1-800-558-6188.
They may have a website.

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with Revell 1/25 scale 68 GT 390 Fastback and
68 Charger R/T metal body models. Unfortunately
the hub caps don't come off the Charger.

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