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Well, Bullitts didn't come w/back floor mats, that's true. What I have done is bought some of the water holding, mud proof, etc floor mats for the front and the back, black of course, and they work great. They serve their purpose, and protect the original ones which still lay over the dealer protective plastic on the carpet. I haven't found seat covers yet. Everywhere I look, the seatcovers seem to have an abrasive inner lining that would harm the leather/vinyl of the seats and fade the paint off. I'm still looking though. I also placed a black steering wheel cover on to keep the dirt, etc from working it's way into the grooves, etc on the wheel and making that cake-like crap that forms. Let me know if you come across some seat covers that are soft inside that will protect the seats for real. Thanks!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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