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Sell Bullitt buy Lightning?

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Considering reducing my inventory of Mustangs from 2 to 1--selling the daily driver: Bullitt (B) 1046 and replacing it with a 2002 F150 Lightning. Open for thoughts and abuse.

Bullitt 1046
01 S281SC 93
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Gas milage is not the greatest I will Say, It is a fun truck to drive, But if you plane on roasting the tires a lot, get ready to shell out for new tires. But it is a lot of fun to dust those SS at the stop light.
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On 2002-02-15 20:57, mrudy wrote:
However, please stay with us in the Bullittclub. We might need a trial attorney.

yeah you could give us a group deal :smile:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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