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Service Engine code on my Taurus

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Without the reader, how can I see what the code is?
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Nearby? No, but on my way home. 40 miles to there from here. It came on about 15 miles ago. Car runs fine, though.
P1131 - "Lack of upstream heated oxygen sensor (HO2S 12) switch, sensor indicates lean (bank #1)"

Internet chatter (and AutoZone guy) suggests clogged fuel injector or vacuum leak. Possibly PCV valve. Once it's cooled down I'll check it out.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

The HEGO Sensor is
monitored for
switching. The test
fails when the HO2S
fails to switch due to
circuit or fuel at or
exceeding a calibrated

A fuel control HO2S
PID switching across
0.45 volt from 0.2 to
0.9 volt indicates a
normal switching HO2S

Sounds like something to do with the Heated O2 sensor.
You could warm the engine and compare voltage between the front O2 sensors.
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^ Most of that's over my head, so I'd have to find a brainiac. :lol: I did check the pcv valve; it's good, but the hose was hard and loose, so I replaced it. I had just filled up with gas when it came on, so I don't know if that's a coincidence or not. I disconnected the battery to reset it and will see what happens.

I guess the codes are the same for the Bullitt and a Taurus? Too cool!
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