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Ok. There are some special service messages and technical service bullitins for our Bullitts. Since I don't have a scanner I'll just summerize each one.

Special service message 15067
1994-2001 with a manual tran. may produce a noise like a brief roar, hoot or groan between 2500-3500 rpm. It says don't worry about it just some cable release noise.

Special service message 15175
2001 w/T-3650. Transmission fork bending. A new fork has been made to replace an out of spec shift fork. Part no. is 2R3Z-7230-AA. Also examine 1-2 sync. and blocking rings for damage. Follow service procedure 308-03C.

Technical service bulletin 00-24-01
Vibration heard/felt in clutch pedal. May be caused by cable routing, lack of preload to release lever, improper or failed release bearing, improper pressure plate-to-flywheel bolt torque, or out-of-parallel finger height on pressure plate.

Technical service bullitin 01-15-07
Something about the transmission usage charts. For proper fluid apps. refer to the fluid usage charts.

Hope this helps guys and gals.

Jeff and Renee
DHG #1141 w/Mach 460
Born on 05/02/2001
K&N Filter
Specially Tuned 80mm MAF

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thanks jeff!!
are these just the recent ones? i remember that the loose tranny brace bolts issue was also addressed some time in the past by Ford.
just curious
appreciate your efforts
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