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She's Here...#462

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She finally made it down from Wisconsin...DHG 462 now resides in Panama City! The best part is that I got to take a gander at the rolling museum that delivered her. As the trucker dropped the rear door on the hauler, 462 sat right behind a 32 or 38 Duesenberg that was fully restored and bought for 1 Mil plus! Also onboard was an 89 Mercedes 500 SL, an 06 Z06 and an 06 911 Carrera C4! Talk about cool! I got to drive her a couple of miles before going to work...pretty big difference between a Bullitt and an 03 GT. Much more refined it seems. So anyway...we're up to 257 miles now...gotta get the oil changed...been sitting in there since 4 Sept 2001! It's almost like a time capsule!
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Great news! How exciting for you! Don't forget to put your Bullitt color and # in your profile! :wink:
Congratulations stang37! Sounds awesome. You're right about the comparison. My '02 GT was nothing like the Bullitt, not even close!
Yeah I can't stand looking and not driving right now...I got her through an EBAY auction by Bob'll have to look at the thread on the car lot forum from a month or two ago. It wasn't without a little difficulty and time...I am usually pretty impatient, but it worked out. Pretty cool too, I got all the previous owner docs, the origina show templates, the owners manual and upgrade even had the window sticker in the window...I had a time removing it.
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