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Short throw - too short?

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I moved the Tri-ax to the lower position this weekend & took the Bullitt out on the streets & did some takeoffs. Does anyone else think the lower position is too short? I kept messing up the 2-3 shift, 'cause it was so much quicker than what I was used to & a lot stiffer (for whatever reason). I'll probably leave it the higher position for normal driving, especially since my wife drives it more than I do & I know she'll be annoyed with shorter throw. I figured I'd just move it when I go the track, but if I can't get used to the throw length it's kinda pointless. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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You might want to look into the MGW handle. One of the advantages of the MGW handle is it can be adjusted a couple inches in length. So it can be adjusted to be just a bit longer in the lower position, yet it would not be as high as the upper position. The throw would change maybe just enough that it is between the short throw and the long throw to be more comfortable for you.
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