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Short throw - too short?

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I moved the Tri-ax to the lower position this weekend & took the Bullitt out on the streets & did some takeoffs. Does anyone else think the lower position is too short? I kept messing up the 2-3 shift, 'cause it was so much quicker than what I was used to & a lot stiffer (for whatever reason). I'll probably leave it the higher position for normal driving, especially since my wife drives it more than I do & I know she'll be annoyed with shorter throw. I figured I'd just move it when I go the track, but if I can't get used to the throw length it's kinda pointless. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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I prefer the Tri-Ax in the low position and leave it there all the time. However, since you are more comfortable with it in the upper position, I would leave it there for track and street.

At the track, I would think any advantage of the shorter shifts would be outweighed by the unfamiliarity of the shifter throw.

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