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Should I allow the paint to "cure"??

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A friend of mine just told me that I should allow the paint on my Bullitt to "cure" for a couple of months before I polish and wax the car. Has anyone else heard this?
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Yes, if you have it painted by a body shop that veries from the factory paint process. However, if your Bullitt has the factory paint you can wax it right away. Have you ever noticed the swirl marks on a new car? That is from the dealer prepping the car with a buffer and the ones I am familiar with use wax with that buffer.
there is no need to let factory paint "cure" with today's modern paints and factory application. the car is MORE than ready for wax by the time it reaches the dealer's lot
I thought my factory paint seemed a hair soft at first (1 month after build date.) But, that could have just been the newer and more resilient (flexible) paint. I'm ready to wax now - 3 months after the build date. And it seems like the paint is a bit harder now. I have no swirl marks 'cause I told the dealer not to prep my Bullitt at all. I was afraid that swirls would be produced by the wheel they use. My Bullitt has yet to see rain, so I was able to put off waxing a while longer. My '88 Ranger 'the beater' has been paying for itself for the last 140,000 miles.
We had mucho swirl marks in our Bullette! Real bad on the front fenders and hood. Hubby has been waxing and polishing and rubbing for a few everyday now and have almost ALL of them out! He says that now, instead of getting a group of them out together, he can see just ONE swirl mark and work on it after all this time! :mad:

Thanks for the info everyone, it is much appreciated! You confirmed what I thought about the curing process on new cars.

It looks like I have some work to do this weekend! As I AM the husband, I guess I'll have to do the work myself, eh TwoStangWmn?
I get to run my mouth and the car while hubby does all the work! :smile: He really enjoys shining her up and dusting her off before a drive. All the neighbors think that he is going to start rubbing the paint off after all the rubbing he has done to it! But all his HARD work sure has paid off. She sure is one lean, mean, running machine!

:bullitt: #344
hmm, nice "job" if you can get it vickie!
sounds like you need to keep hubby around for another decade or two! -LOL
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