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Same here,
side scoops comming loose, paint fallout, paint damage, headlight lenses spotted inside, on my second driver side it too was spotted right out of the box! Ticking noise, backfire on hard acceleration shifts, hard starts when hot, these two problems are better now with using 92 prm unld. Passenger door trim "window" on top has a big bulge in it, it leaks small amount of water, paint chipping off red brake calipers, yeah my 12v cig lighter plug looks chzy too rattles quite a bit. Does anyone have a rattle from inside the dash center? I looked under the hood and think it might be the cable running against the back upper lip passengers side, it has one of those waffle snap in plugs on it but it's not plugged into anything. After thought on the roughting GT VS Bullitt intake different. uuuh I'm getting numb... Anyone notice that your rims are various levels of clear coat? i.e. 2 of mine are almost a flat clear finish, one is super shiny and looks good like 2 coats of clear while the other 3 look flat.
Yea I'm anal about this stuff! Love the car. I could go on about the nightmares I've had with my old 99 Lightning, 96 Mystic Cobra, 94 GT..... "Slightly Obsessed Ford Guy" :smile:\
Where's my GT40?
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