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Sirius Radio

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I've had my Bullitt about two weeks now and still haven't registered my sat radio. Where is the serial number for the radio located? I used to have XM and I had to provide that number to them for activation/payment. Any help would be appreciated!
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If I remember correctly it worked right from the dealer without any registration. Try pushing the AUX button, it should cycle through the 3 SAT functions.
Look in your manual on p.40, "Satellite Radio Electronic Serial Number (ESN)."

Press the AUX and Preset 1 buttons simultaneously. This will bring up your ESN on the screen.
In another couple of weeks you'll get a renewal letter from Sirius and it will also list the ESN.
Anybody get a good deal on renewal ???


itpphoto said:
Anybody get a good deal on renewal ???


It would be nice if IMBOC members could get a special renewal rate. HINT!

Any thoughts on this administrators?
Have one person set up an account and then have that person add everyone else that wants one at $6.95 a month each.
Not really. I paid $450 for the lifetime deal. Might be a good bargaining chip IF I ever get rid of the Bullitt.:frown:
I just spoke with Sirius and for the time being, they are running a lifetime for 399. Can't add other accounts for 6.95 with a lifetime, sorry.
Lifetime can turn out to be a crappy deal. If your radio breaks it's over. Lifetime applies to the ESN of the radio, not to you. You get another radio you start over. If you think your radio, or your car for that matter, will still be in your posession and working for the next 6 years then go for the lifetime. I'm not betting on it.

I've got four accounts through my family sharing the deal.
Never Mind.
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