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Slicks vs Nitto's

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I see alot of you guy's are using Nitto's are they just as good as slick's or better?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :-B
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If anyone can answer this for me i would appreciate it. I'm thinking about using the Nitto's if they work just as good as slicks.

Hey Ray I never used slicks but everyone I know and have spoken to suggested the Nitto DRs for longevity and traction.
Thanks RR.
same here Ray, the few guys i know that race,...use Nittos
i just put nittos on 161 and after heating them up from normal driving i came across a side street. there was no traffic so i said what the heck. reved-er up to 4grand,dropped the clutch,and all i could do was hold on. Nitto's rock!
Ray,From what I hear they work fairly well,but not as good as a slick,or Street type slick that is Bias-ply construction. The shock,from a hard launch,with a manual trans will break them loose. But for a typical street type low power car,under 400 RWHP,they should work OK. What size you going with on the Bullitt wheel?
Ray, I believe the nittos are the way to go for most of us. They're easy to find and can be mounted and driven to the track and back safely and conviently. No switch-a-roo needed like a slick would necessitate.

I'm running the 17" 275/40 nitto 555R on a 17 X 9 Ford Cobra R rim.

The last two times to the track, I've cut a 1.96, 1.94, 1.90, 1.89, and 1.88 60ft. I doubt a slick would do much better and would be much more of a hastle to swap/lug around since I'm 40 miles from the track.
Great feed back! Like Mus408 asked what size will i use? That's my next question. I'm thinking about using the stock size 245/45/17 DR's on the stock wheels but i see some of you guy's are using 275/45/17 DR's. Will i be ok with the 245/45/17 DR's.

If i go with the 275/45/17 will i need a wider wheel?
Ray I'm using 275/40 Nitto DR's on the rear. I have had no problems at all and they worked fine at the circuit this past weekend. Yes the wider tire will fit the stock rim.
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