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Slow Beep From Under Dash

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My Bullitt which is just under 500 miles occasionally has a slow beep coming from under the dash every once in a long while. It kinda sounds like a radar detector much unlike the seatbelt warning. I've even ran through the system check feature and everything was good. The dealer offered some theft lock thing which is basically a chip you plug into the lower dash which allows the car to start. We didn't buy it so they supposedly deactivated it and put a block off plug on there I'm thinking that could be it. The guy at the dealership swore that couldn't be it and that there is something wrong with the car and for me to take it in to service. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
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If the dealer had that thing already installed check how they did it. Many of those things have to be spliced in to existing wiring, and eventually will cause problems.
Most dealers no longer use them, because of the problems. It's a gimmic device that lets the dealer add $$$ to the sale.

I'd remove all of it if it were in my car, and probably ask for a new wire harness if they spliced it in.
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