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So just what is it about Bullitt's

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I stopped by the Jeep shop tonight on the way home from work.. need to get some lower gears in the transfer case, and need a price quote ... along side of the shop that I frequent is a Mustang shop - with a very, very, very nice 65 Shelby GT 350 sitting outside. It was so nice, I had to back up and take a second look when the folks in the garage come out and start asking me questions about the bullitt, how it runs, handle, etc. I was so impressed by the Shelby.. even the dash was signed by Carroll that I missed the conversation about the bullitt. I didn't mean to be rude, but in stark comparison between the two, I was awe struck.

The group finally agreed that in 30 years folks such as I will stop by when they see a bullitt instead of the Shelby. I think I agree.
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Nice comeback Railcop094. :smile: Pretty accurate too. :wink:
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