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SoCal Bullitt Owners Club Annual Malibu Canyon Cruise

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January 28

SoCal Bullittheads it's Canyon Carving Time . It’s time for our annual session of Canyon Carving. Heres what's on the list.

- Topanga Canyon
- Mulholland Hwy

For the L.A. & O.C. area Bullittheads We will meet up at the usual location at 8a.m.

Carroll Shelby Enterprise
19021 S. Figueroa
Gardena, CA

We will depart by 8:15 an cruise up to meet up with the rest of the group at the Topanga Ranch Motel at 18711 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu,CA we should all be there by 9:00 and depart by 9:30 , so who’s in ? For 2015 we had a total of 19 cars , for 2016 we had 17 for 2017 we had 19 so let’s make it 20+ for 2018. After the Canyon run those that can hang around will get together for lunch at our usual hangout at that Coral Reef Cantina in Malibu. I Hope to see all my SoCal Bullittheads.
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Looks like Shari and I will be able to go after all, and Mike says he'll be there as well.
Jim offered to have me ride with him but a change of plans won't allow me to do the canyon run.

I can meet everyone for lunch and am planning on doing that.

I see a Coral Beach Cantina [ not Coral Reef ] at 29350 Pac Cst Hwy. Mailbu

That's the place?

Will call Jim to get estimated ETA.

Looking forward to meeting you guys.


FCMCBULLITT2- will tell the tale behind that handle
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Thanks for the welcome- glad to meet you all.

Wished we had a bit more time together.

After experiencing So Cal traffic , I understand people wanting to hit the road after lunch.

Have a great time at the McQueen/ Boys Ranch event.

Anyone hitting Orlando/ central Florida - look me up.

On your six,

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