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Back in June of 03 I had asked Mr.T a question. I asked him why they only produced 5,582 Bullitts instead of the projected 6,000-6,500. I told him that I thought it was because they came short of transmissions, as that is what we had heard here. This was his reply:


Good to hear from you! Sounds and looks like you had a great time. That is a great picture. I wish you could have made it to the 40th anniversary show.
Actually, it had nothing to do w/ running out of transmissions. Unfortunately, the start of Job#1 was delayed to resolve various development issues. In addition to that, the media received test cars a little later than planned, so magazine and newspaper coverage occured later than we would have liked. Also, there was basically no marketing budget for the Bullitt, so a lot of people were not really aware the car exisited (that is why the media coverage was crucial). Lastly, by the time people finally found out about the car, the Ford order banks were closed for the 2001 model year, and people could no longer place an order.
As you can see, it is not really a simple answer. You might want to try a different question. Sorry. Let me know if you have any other questions. Talk to you later!

Nick Terzes
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