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Sorry to hear about all the slap problems! Lord knows i have had my share of problems with my Bullitt but I can honestly say I havent had one probelm with the engine solid as a rock in 16 degree weather and summer. But of course the tranny is another story! notchy to say the least until in warms up which with a 21 mile commute one way it does have time. I run 87 octane and no ping, no leaks, just solid running. dont know if the way i broke my car in made a difference but i would always vary my speed up and down when on the interstate the first 500 miles and never took it over 70. I now have 6700 miles on her and lets just hope shes stays good! Because i dont like dealers. Always tryin to feed u BULL! Thanx Havgun #1676
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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