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Hey guys,
I have the same problem with my Cobra.
After the 1st 1000k miles my car would knock on cold start up and only last for a few seconds. I had it to the dealer 4 times and they did nothing. This was back in May.

Now that it is cold I have the extended knock/tap that you guys described.

I have been reading that alot of the 2001 mustangs have this. It seems like the GTs, Bullitts & Cobras have the same problem.
I not sure of the exact engine differences between the 3 - but whatever is different can be ruled out as the problem (most likely).
The good thing is that my initial start up knock has gone away for the most part and I am now at 11,700k.

Hopefully something will be found out on this soon....

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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