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Some good info. to read before to many mods, are made!

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If you can find it,read the article"Shepard's Pie",in the Sept.1997 issue of MM&FF mag. Some real good info. on the early testing of the SVO intake and heads,which closely resemble the Bullitt setup.

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Mus408, did that article have anything to do with Barry or Roxanne Shepard???
they are the 2 racers i met out of Detroit that work VERY closely with Ford Racing!!
very nice and very knowledgable couple!! he's the one who ran our intake for the whole summer before he switched to a 4V engine!
Yep,it is about Barry's 96 Mustang,and about dyno and strip testing the new intake and heads. The real kicker is the quote "Could this be the setup for the rumored 1999 265 HP GT" They missed it by 2 years!
AHHH, very cool!
thanks Mus408, i went to dinner with them when they were in St. Louis this summer for the races over at Gateway.
Barry's been racing for over 30 years. it would be harder to meet nicer people than Barry and Roxanne. i'd had my Bullitt for 3 or 4 weeks at the time and he was the one who told me all about Ford Racing's involvement in the Bullitt's intake developement. i must have asked him 20 questions about the car and he never even got impatient with me. he's also the one that recommended Pauls HP to me!!
thanks again!!
OK guys here is a bit from the article: With the complete SVO intake and head package,matching tuned ECU,2 1/2 inch O/R H-pipe with SVO shorty headers,and SVO underdrive pulley kit,the 96 GT made 261 RWHP and 294 lbs.of torque. By comparison,a 96 Cobra,with long tube headers and H-pipe,made 265 RWHP and 265 Ft.lbs. of torque. Stock mufflers and tailpipes were used on all tests. If you look at the SVO intake and the Bullitt piece,you will notice a slight difference in the upper plenum. Looks like the two throttle bore diameters were carried along a little further into the plenum. Would like to see the inside of both for any difference. They state some torque was lost,between 2500 and 3400 RPM. Don't know what,if any improvements,were made on this,on the Bullitt manifold. On 8x26 M/T slicks,with a 5200 RPM launch,the 96 GT ran a 12.96 at 104.6 MPH. The 96 also had 3.73 gears installed before the head and intake upgrade.This car was a bit lighter than the current Bullitt. It also had skinny front tires.

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Here's a link that you all might be interested in:

Don't know who to credit the pictures to but thanks to whoever it is. I saved this link months ago.

Man what a tease! For some reason the pictures didn't come through. Can you try it again 01GT.
I did that,and when it loads,there are just empty squares,with the little flag deal in the upper lefthand corners. The print is there though. Could it be on my end....with AOL?
prolly is cuz of aoHELL. I don't know, i haven't used that since um uh 1994?? Can you open a separate browser (Internet Exploder or Netscrape) and copy and paste the addy?? try that.

Will try it again. Thanks.
Tried re-entering the addy,to no avail. Have to wait till computer Expert Wifey,get's home and figure it out. Damn I really wanted to see that too!
i've seen it before but it's an AWESOME comparison of the FRPP high flow 2V intake vs. the Bullitt's intake
Thanks again 01GT!!
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On 2001-11-26 23:05, 01GT wrote:
Here's a link that you all might be interested in:

Don't know who to credit the pictures to but thanks to whoever it is. I saved this link months ago.


01 GT,

That was a super link with good pictures and comparison amongst the two. I do not have AOL, so it was easy for me to download. I have friends with AOL that are not able to open some attachments.


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It just won't work here! Could they be e-mailed to me. Hell just take real pictures of the screen and mail to me the old way!!!
I am downloading AOL 7.0. Maybe that will fix it.
Nice comparison, I have AOL and all pics loaded fine.
I don't know what the problem is here? Tried it again today,but same empty squares. Maybe my computer is lacking some type of program??
Mus408, don't try to view it in the AOL browser. Open up an Internet Explorer browser, then paste the link in there.
Finaly got to see those intake pics. Very good comparison of the two intakes!
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