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Some pictures from my trip to Virginia

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I went up to Virginia last Saturday to see the Miami-Virginia Tech game. I decided to stay a few more days and take in the scenery. I had seen most of the stuff already but went back with digital camera in hand to get a few pics. I have two sets up now on webshots, I will get more up later. If you have broadband or feel like waiting a few seconds for the pics to load, make sure you click "View Full Size" at the bottom of the individual pics :smile:

This one is old mills.

This one is Monticello.

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Thanks for sharing, they were beautiful. I love photography and take about 10 discs full of pictures a week! ha!

Again, thanks for posting them, I enjoyed looking at them! :smile:

What a great road trip! Not only did you get to see Va Tech get spanked, but you made it to the home of the founder of THE University of Virginia!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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