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Not really, but this is a funny story.

I am a construction worker in a mid-sized town, Lexington, Ky. I drive a company van to work and after a long day of labor I look sorta rough in my dirty work clothes and boots.

I had only had #2325 for about 3 weeks and was still in contact with the dealership. The dealer kept calling because we were supposed to take a picture of myself, the wife and the car. And I was working on getting some light overspray removed from the back window which occured at the factory (I know, sounds fishy to me too).

I was coming home one day and was about a mile from home in a suburban neighborhood. I saw my car go by! I turned and looked at my brother who was sitting beside me and said "that's my car!". Not believing myself I looked in my side mirror and noticed that the dealership stickers were indeed removed from the trunklid exactly as I had removed them the day after I got the car.

I said to my bro "the stickers are gone, that's my damn car and whoever is in it is gonna wear my boot home". I mean, how many of these DHG Bullits are even in the whole United States, let alone my neighborhood!

Luckily he stopped at a redlight and I slammed on the brakes and backed up until I was beside him. There was an older guy in "my" car. I was thinking all the while, something fell through on the financing, maybe the wife let them take it in to remove the overspray from the window, maybe it's just something I don't know about. I never one time thought that it might not be my car.

I rolled down my window and said in a not to nice voice "Where'd you get that car?!". The 50ish guy looked at me like I was going to rob him or something. I can't imagine how the nicely dressed business type fellow felt about some grimey construction guy talking about his baby.

He replied "over at the Ford dealer". All the time I was looking the car over with an eagle eye trying to find something that would give me a case to whip his arse. The problem is my car is extremely clean inside, no fuzzy dice, no cd cases, no gym shoes or street maps. But finally I saw some cd cases in his passenger side door and began to lighten my conversation.

We exchanged about a minute of car talk and I told him I had one exactly like it. I'm sure he was thinking, "yeah right". I really felt bad after that but my brother and I laughed our arses off about it all the way home.

Anyway we parted peacefully I haven't had a chance to meet him Bullit to Bullit yet but hope to and laugh about it together.

It's amazing what king of strange things cars will make you do.

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