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I am sorry for what has happened to our great nation. I was at the hangar in a meeting when the news hit my command like a brick though a windshield.
Within a hour we where in a war meeting with my CO and all the department heads. My skippers words where. "Gentalmen, we are at WAR". Next he questions us about getting the squadron ready if called upon.
What happened next was the reconfiguration of training assets to fighters capable Combat Air Patrol. For Aircraft that havn't used those systems in a long time is not an easy task. But friends I watched my shipmates/our sailiors over come this, in an unbelievable short amount of time. It made me very proud to work with Amerians such as these.
I'm trying to volnteer for orders to the first VF squadron that deploys, My Command has already told me "No". In My AMO's words ", Master Chief you have job to do right here".
I also got asked if we got the Money. What do we need as in the way of aircraft parts. We made a wish list, all the while thinking did the draw down over the last 8 years hurt us so bad, that some Insane ******* felt that he could get away with attacking us and killing so many inocent people.
I've been Num since the attack, but today, I tryed to return to normal somewhat, so 1007 got washed and the oil got changed in my truck. But in the back of my mind I keep wondering what challeges we as a country will have to endure. Before this is over.
Mark my words it will be Bloody. We as Americans need to be ready. Ask anyone that lived though WW2 and see how many sacrifies they made. We'll also have to go with out, and have loved ones get killed in combat.
Friends we must win this one. The world depends on us.
I do believe that the quickist way to stop this madness, is to go at the heart and soul of this evil. These men that are willing to kill themselves.... Have one weakness. Their own families, friends, and homes. We have our NUCs. Those weapons of mass destruction set ready.... But we are fraid of their use. Afraid of what that means. But believe me these insane people would use them against us, and some other more horrible weapons, Biologal and chemmial....
If we where to unleash this Nuclear hell, we could, stand back and show the world, we don't miss around when screwed with. If we don't use them, scrap the damn things and give me the parts & people I need to finish this. And don't forget what it took to win this. We must stay prepared. So next time, there won't be a next time.
Because there will always be some ******* that wants to knock us off our rock and we must always be ready.
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